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I believe designers have a responsibility to ensure new projects take into consideration the current state of our world and make it a better place in beauty, sustainability and function.


Vicki has always had a love for animals, a respect for the environment and a flair for creativity. Her 1st career dream of being a vet was crushed shortly after kindergarten when she realized she wouldn’t be able to save all the animals she encountered. She started her post-secondary education with a diploma in TV and video production, later realizing that was not the path she wanted to follow. So she spent some time researching and trying to find the best career to put her creativity to use. Interior design was the path she was looking for. After graduating with honors from the CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) accredited Interior Design program at Dawson College in Montreal, Vicki spent 2 years working at a high end Residential design firm (Scott Yetman Design). While in Quebec she was a registered member of the association professionnelle


a year living in her home town for the 1st time in 13 years. She got to explore the west coast and was inspired by the beautiful scenery of western Newfoundland (check out her Instagram for some stunning examples). She was offered a contract at a commercial design firm in Ottawa and spent 2 years gaining experience in commercial design and office furniture (4te & OBI). For the 1st time in the many years of living away from home, she missed living in Newfoundland. Realizing how nice it was living in a small beautiful city like Corner Brook with so much inspiration in the amazing landscape and friendly people, she decided to try moving back to spend time with family and is now hoping to share her passion for design with her home town and surrounding areas.


Vicki is currently a member of Interior Designers of Newfoundland & Labrador (IDNL) & Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).

des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ) and the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). Because of the frustration of limited opportunity’s being a unilingual Anglophone  in Quebec she decided to pursue employment elsewhere in the Country (preferably Ottawa). During that time she spent

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